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Frequently Asked Questions

See below our Frequently Asked Questions. Haven’t found an answer to your question? Get in contact with us today on 0818 222 011 or +353 1 479 6558.

Qualitas recognise that insufficient regulation of the industry has resulted in cases of below-par Property Management standards. By contrast, Qualitas prides itself on its professionalism and knowledge of the industry. We bring a combined 15 years experience in Property Management in the areas of Multi-Unit Management, Facilities Management, Project Management and Surveying.

Pursuing best practice industry standards is a cornerstone of all our operations. All Qualitas Property Managers are members of the IPMFA. In addition, Qualitas are registered and eagerly awaiting the enactment of the MUD Act.

We offer our clients a proactive, hands-on approach to Property Management. Qualitas Property Partners Ltd. implement a policy of continuously monitoring all the developments we manage and guarantee weekly site visits by a member of the Qualitas staff. This is in addition to the provision of monthly financial reports, and attendance at board of director’s meetings and AGMs.

At Qualitas, we pride ourselves on our first-class Customer Relations Management. We operate a policy of 24 hour max response time to phone calls and emails. Due to the complexity of some letters we receive, we offer a 10 day max response time.

Qualitas offers a 24/7 emergency after hours service which is carefully managed to ensure each call is attended to immediately. We ensure that all contractors provide this service prior to employment.

Complaints are a serious issue at Qualitas and all are investigated as a matter of course. We deal with all complaints in a professional, prompt manner and ensure confidentiality for the complainant.

Qualitas operates on an impartial basis and holds no interest in any third party contractor. We have a policy of obtaining a series of quotes for all major contractor works. Whilst Qualitas have a list of trusted contractors, we are more than happy to work with existing contractors or contractors recommended by the Board of Directors.

Qualitas does not charge any fees for contractor selection, nor do we charge any fees based on percentages of contractor charges.

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