Welcome to Qualitas!

Why Choose Qualitas


Qualitas Property Partners Ltd. recognises that Property Management requires a high level of technical and professional expertise. Our dedicated team of Property Management professionals bring with them extensive experience across the property industry.

Attention to detail

Qualitas was formed with the aim of providing high quality, tailored management solutions to our clients. As a close-knit team of property specialists, we provide a hands-on style of Property Management. All sites are closely monitored via pro-active regular site inspections by a member of our team as a means of identifying and resolving small problems before they become major issues.


Qualitas believe that a high-level of communication is a key component of client satisfaction. We foster close working relationships with clients premised on mutual trust and commitment. A cornerstone of this approach is our first-class reporting procedures such as the provision of monthly financial reports.



Proper Market Value

Qualitas commit to securing the market best price without compromising quality and service. We operate on an impartial basis and exercise a policy of obtaining a series of quotes for all major contract or project works. We recognise that in today’s economic climate, value for money is of paramount importance.


Ethicality is a key founding principle of Qualitas and has been a linchpin of all our operations. We strive to uphold best practice industry standards, to be transparent and accountable and act in accordance with all relevant legislation at all times.